About us

Queentung_factory_1Since 1973, we have designed and manufactured hydraulic parts, pneumatic parts, spool/shafts, valves and coils. We have also obtained ISO 9001:2008 and CE certification. All of our products worldwide comply with RoHS regulations. We take great pride in our relentless dedication to quality products and service. This is why we are still serving satisfied clients worldwide after 40+ years..


Germany and Japan are well known for their advanced manufacturing machines. We always purchase our manufacturing equipment from those countries. This enables us to produce high-precision parts with accuracy of ±0.001mm.


Tong Hong Electric Co., Ltd. has been engaging in all kinds of electromagnetic coils made with various selections of electromagnetic steel and passed the 100% electrical safety testing for customer requirements.



Our experienced in-house R&D team is constantly developing new products, improve existing ones, and refining our manufacturing processes. The team is also well versed in employing 3D CAD/CAE programs. This allows us to provide highly customized products and efficient solutions to our clients. We welcome any design challenge.